Bank with crypto license

Today, digital currencies are exceptionally mainstream and an ever increasing number of projects are choosing to direct an ICO, IEO or STO. Issuing digital currencies is in a real sense the capacity to give your own cash. On account of fiat funds the state is behind them; and with regards to cryptographic forms of money or tokens, a specific circle of individuals, an organization or a concept remains behind them.

In addition, the emergence of crypto banks for sale is now becoming more common. There is no strict definition of cryptobanks. If the platform wants and the jurisdiction allows it, it can call itself whatever you want, including a cryptobank, but, in fact, the use of the term “bank” for many crypto platforms is just a marketing ploy, because this term inspires confidence and is associated with something reliable. Nevertheless, crypto banks have little in common with their traditional counterparts, and often they only imitate some banking functions, working on completely different principles.

More and more ordinary people are interested in the crypto market, but the use of cryptocurrencies remains problematic: they are quite difficult to store and conduct operations with them. However, many banks are ready to operate cryptocurrencies, which requires obtaining an appropriate license. Most investors seek to acquire a bank with a ready-made license, which is significantly more profitable.

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Acquisition of a ready-made legal entity can have many advantages, the most common reasons are:

you want to save time on registration;
a company with a history is needed;
you need a business already with a certain license, etc.

This category contains banks that already have a ready-made license for handling cryptocurrencies.

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