Banking License

A banking license for sale is a special permit to carry out banking operations, which certifies the right of a credit institution to carry out the financial transactions specified in it.

Licensing of banking as a business area, which is characterized by high risks of damage to property, rights and legitimate interests of citizens and organizations, is mandatory and logical, since banks in their activities are responsible for the safety of private, corporate and public finances. A credit institution can begin to conduct banking activities only from the date of issue of the corresponding license. Carrying out banking operations without a license is prohibited and entails liability from civil to criminal.

Banking includes several types of operations – the very ones for which a license is needed, namely:

  • attraction of funds of individuals and legal entities into deposits;
  • placement of attracted funds on its own behalf and at its own expense;
  • opening and maintaining bank accounts of individuals and business;
  • money transfers on behalf of individuals and legal entities, including correspondent banks, through their bank accounts;
  • collection of cash, bills, payment and settlement documents and cash services for individuals and companies;
  • purchase and sale of foreign currency in cash and non-cash forms;
  • attraction of precious metals to deposits and placement, opening and maintenance of bank accounts of individuals and companies in precious metals;
  • making transfers on behalf of individuals and companies, including correspondent banks, through their bank accounts in precious metals;
  • making money transfers without opening bank accounts, including electronic money.

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