The food industry business sector is very diverse, from catering to restaurant catering, from independent to structured, including fast food and gourmet restaurants. In addition, the food service industry is highly competitive. Every chef tries to stand out by personalizing his/her recipes or catering concept.

Cafes differ from restaurants in a smaller assortment of dishes and certain peculiarities in the methods of their preparation. Cafes are divided into two types: full cycle and semi-finished products. For the second type, it is permissible to prepare some dishes for future use, for example, shock freezing of vegetables for making soups and side dishes, as well as use high-cooked semi-finished products. The cafe sales a good selection of drinks from wine and vodka products to coffee and tea.

There are much more types of cafes than other establishments:

  • by theme and interior design, there are children’s, student, corporate, art cafes, etc.;
  • by operating time: permanent and seasonal;
  • by service method: with waiters, self-service through the distribution line, buffet table, salad bar.

Cafes can be opened almost everywhere: hotels, cinemas, museums, theaters, shopping and entertainment centers, recreation parks, places of public festivities (catering), mobile cafes and street cafes, and so on.

Cafeterias are now very rare. This is a small, limited-food, self-service cafe. The cafeteria should have a minimum number of staff. Most often, the cafeteria is located at the hotel, in the office building, on the territory of the institute and other similar institutions.

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