Class A bank license

The presence of its own bank as part of a large business determines not only a separate source of profit, but also the possibility of reducing the expenditure side of activities by saving on commissions, interest and banking services.

If the business structure includes an offshore bank, this not only determines additional profit and preferential services, but also insures your international settlement transactions against the risks associated with fake banks.

Licensing for sale is a tool to ensure state control over certain types of activities. The state sets the criteria and requirements that must be met by enterprises and entrepreneurs engaged in this or that activity. Licensing of banking activities is to provide banks with official permission to carry out certain banking operations.

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When issuing licenses, the total amount of capital (statutory and total), its financial condition, the bank’s compliance with the established financial standards, the period of its activity in the financial market, the professional suitability of managers and the positive conclusions of an independent audit are taken into account. Сlass A license provides for its own characteristics and requirements for obtaining, which differ depending on the state of registration of the bank. For example, the validity of such a license in Belize is unlimited.

This category contains banking institutions that have a Class A license.

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