Electronics manufacturing

Electronic industry, a branch of industry producing electronic devices (semiconductor, vacuum, piezoelectric devices, products of quantum, cryogenic and optoelectronics, integrated optics), resistors, capacitors, plug connectors and other radio components, special technological equipment and apparatus.

The electronics industry business is characterized by a rapid growth in production volumes, an expansion of the range of semiconductor (especially integrated circuits), quantum, cryoelectronic devices, as well as devices based on acousto and magnetoelectronics; the production of microcomputers, color picture tubes, electronic calculators, including programmable ones, video recorders, electronic clocks, high-class stereos, microwave ovens, etc. is rapidly expanding.

The electronics manufacturing industry for sale includes the development and production of radio electronic equipment, electronic devices, components, specific materials, special technological equipment and apparatus.

Electronic products are made from a wide variety of materials: plastics, composites, copper, steel and more. Despite all this diversity, mass production must be fast and smooth. That is why entrepreneurs are more willing to buy ready-made companies that have appropriate licenses and other commercial attributes.

This category contains offers related to companies involved in electronics manufacturing.

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