Established engineering companies

Engineering business is a relatively new specialization in the industrial, scientific and technical sphere, covering research, development of innovations, design, equipment supply and installation, construction and commissioning. This also includes consultations to reduce capital costs for the creation and reconstruction of production facilities and their sites. Nowadays, there are quite a lot of established and well-proven engineering companies working at the world level. Some of them are put up for sale, as the owners seek to either expand their business through cooperation with other companies, or they want to engage in a new commercial project.

The trade in engineering services involves a number of technology exchange commercial transactions. It affects most of the progressive developments, but can be limited to traditional technologies. It is rarely applied to unique technologies with their licensed design, where engineering services can play the role of accompanying ones. In this case, most common types of commercial transactions are usually the means of technology transfer.

The basis of engineering business is the development, change (in order to improve) and control over the implementation of technological, organizational, financial and economic models of technical systems (objects) in accordance with the set goals. In other words, engineers of engineering companies work with models on different physical carriers in accordance with the provisions of the theory of similarity and modeling.

This category contains offers from already established engineering companies.

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