Hedge Funds for sale

A hedge fund business is an investment fund that seeks to increase profitability at the same level of risk, or to reduce risks at the same level of profitability.

A hedge fund is built on the simplest principle – it supports all types of the foreign exchange market and any securities, which allows it, from a legal point of view, to form its own assets from a wide range of exchange instruments. When the market falls in a conventional investment fund, shares quickly depreciate without the possibility of a full return of funds to investors. At this time, the hedging businesses can use all existing financial instruments, earning even in conditions of falling quotes.

The fundamental legal difference is that a hedge fund is open ended, and a venture fund is closed end. This means that hedge fund investors can enter and exit the fund at any time by purchasing or redeeming shares, respectively. A venture fund is open to investors only at the beginning of its life, which is usually 8-10 years. As soon as an investor enters a venture fund, he cannot just withdraw his money and must wait until the fund has worked out its term and returned the money, preferably with a return.

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This category contains offers for the sale of hedge funds that are already ready for work and have a fully developed business strategy.

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