This category contains offers for sale related to motels/hotels/resorts.

Let’s talk about the hotel industry first. With regard to the complex of services provided in the hotel, such a common characteristic for services as the simultaneity, inseparable nature of the processes of production and consumption does not fully correspond. Certain hotel services are not associated with the presence of the client. For example, cleaning and preparing a room for sale does not coincide in place and time with the moment of selling the room in the reception service and the immediate settlement of the client.

The specificity of the hotel business is that service problems must be resolved quickly. This factor, along with the location, is the most significant when choosing a hotel. The time of providing a number of hotel services is measured even in seconds.

Now, let’s take a closer look at the resort sphere. Resort business (activity) is a set of all types of scientific and practical activities for the organization and implementation of disease prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of patients based on the use of natural healing resources, studying their properties and mechanism of action, a set of measures for the organization, construction, management of resorts, providing treatment and cultural services for citizens, operation and protection of natural medicinal resources and sanitary protection of resorts.

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In general, both of these industries will bring you great profits with the correct and competent organization of your business strategy. However, starting a business from scratch takes a lot of time. Therefore, it is more advisable for investors to turn their attention to ready-made offers for sale that are located in this category.

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