Investment Banks

An investment bank is a bank that specializes in stock transactions. For the first time, the allocation of such businesses in a separate category were allocated in the United States in 1933 – and then banks were prohibited from simultaneously engaging in investment activities and raising funds for placement on deposits. Such a law was passed in order to protect citizens’ money from speculation in the securities market during the Great Depression.

The main differences between a commercial and an investment bank are in the use of different financial instruments to conduct business. An ordinary bank is engaged in accepting money and placing on deposits, direct lending, settlement and cash services. Investment, in turn, specializes in working with securities.

Investment banks for sale are not banks in the classical sense, since they do not perform basic banking operations – deposit and credit, but act as financial intermediaries for legal entities and individuals, organizing the issue of securities and making transactions with them on the stock market. In developed markets, investment banking is complemented by operations in the secondary securities market associated with the provision of services for the restructuring of the client’s business (mergers and acquisitions).

Investment banks are also difficult to bring to the global market and wait for good profits from this activity. Therefore, it is more expedient for investors to turn their attention to ready-made offers for sale.

This category contains various offers for the sale of investment banks.

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