All over the world the entertainment industry (sometimes the term leisure & entertainment is also used) is a very, very profitable business. At the same time, the boundaries and the set of segments that make up this industry are rather arbitrary and blurred. There is no clear definition of the very term “entertainment (or leisure) industry”.

Traditionally, the entertainment industry includes cinemas, discos, bowling alleys, golf clubs, parks, attractions, water parks, nightclubs, internet cafes, skating rinks, rollerdromes and the like. Recently, the gambling business (casinos, slot machine halls, bookmakers, sweepstakes) has also begun to position itself as part of the entertainment and recreation industry.

With the development of market relations, cultural and leisure activities are gradually being transformed into the leisure industry. Many countries have developed extensive leisure industries for sale. Satisfaction with the quality of the organization of their leisure, the availability of certain entertainments and forms of leisure for a person is not only an indicator of his/her social status, but also an indicator of the development of the country’s economy in general and the socio-cultural industry in particular.

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