Global networks are designed to sale services, but to a significantly larger number of users located over a large area.

Global computer networks are computer networks that unite local networks and individual computers that are remote from each other over long distances. The most famous and popular global network is the Internet. In addition, global computer networks include: the worldwide non-commercial network FidoNet, CREN, EARNet, EUNet and other global networks, including corporate ones.

Due to the large length of communication channels, construction is very costly, therefore, global networks are most often created by large telecommunications businesses to sale services to subscribers. Such networks are called public or public. But in some cases, WANs are created as private networks of large corporations.

The most famous and accessible global network is the Internet. The Internet is not a stable structure, it is constantly changing by the network users themselves, whose number is already in the millions. The most important feature of this global network is the lack of centralized management. In other words, the difference between the Internet and traditional networks is that it does not have an official owner.

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