Oil services companies

The stable development of the oil and gas industry is a key factor in the sustainability of the global economy. The effective functioning of the oil and gas business directly depends on the development of the industries that support it, primarily the oilfield services industry. The oilfield services industry is represented by entities that sales services to oil and gas corporations for drilling exploration and production wells, conducting geophysical surveys, etc.

At the moment, the oilfield services market has gained considerable momentum. In connection with the expected prospects for growth in oil production, there is a growing need for enhanced exploration and development of fields. In addition, depleting old deposits also require the involvement of new technologies. These factors lead to an increase in the role of service work, the cost of which is the largest share in the cost of oil production.

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As a rule, two types of organization of the provision of oilfield services can be distinguished. The first type is using your own service. And the second type is the involvement of oilfield service contractors. The growth of the oilfield services market, as well as the need for exploration and development of deposits, requires an increase in investment in the development of oilfield service companies, which opens up many prospects for novice investors. This category contains sale offers of oil services companies.

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