Printing manufacturing

Printing manufacturing business is one of the rapidly developing industries, which makes it attractive to investors. The specificity of the printing industry often necessitates the combination of various types of production organization in a separate enterprise. So, for example, at enterprises with a serial and large-scale type of production organization, prepress processes correspond to a single or small-scale type of production business, and printing and finishing shops, depending on the circulation of products, belong to the serial and large-scale type. Printing and finishing processes can be mechanized and automated to a greater extent than prepress processes, where manual and custom work cannot be ruled out. In addition, printing companies can produce products of original design in small quantities.

The widespread use of new equipment, new technologies and materials in the printing industry makes it possible to sale a single type closer to serial, serial to mass. This makes it possible to increase the efficiency of printing enterprises in changing production conditions.

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