Trusts for sale

Trust for sale is a product of the Anglo-Saxon legal system and some entrepreneurs find it difficult to understand how it works. Therefore, it is used unfairly rarely. The main misconception is that a trust is perceived as a legal entity, that is, a certain specific type of company. In fact, a trust is a special form of property contractual relationship.

Conceptually, a trust is an agreement that endows its parties with appropriate mutual rights and obligations. According to this agreement, one party – the founder of the trust (the person on whose initiative this structure is created) – transfers its property into the ownership of another person – the trustee, in order for the latter to keep this property and carry out various actions with it (volume and the nature of which may or may not be predetermined) in the interests of the ultimate beneficiaries – the beneficiaries of the trust.

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There are many situations that trusts are used to resolve: among them charity, escrow, and pension insurance. However, historically, the main purpose of trusts is to protect and transfer property within the same family (close circle of friends or partners). The tasks that the trust can solve in this regard are as follows:

  • protection of assets from third party claims;
  • confidentiality;
  • inheritance planning;
  • optimization and transfer in time of tax obligations.

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