Operational Features of MT4 platform for sale

Over the past few decades, the organization of Forex trading has undergone significant changes. Not so long ago, in the late 90s, there was a special software designed for trading, which was a separate trading platform or trading terminals. With the introduction of such programs, the activities of traders have been somewhat facilitated.

For more than ten years, the most demanded Forex platform has been MetaTrader 4 from MetaQuotesSoftware Corp. Traders are given the opportunity to download the terminal for free directly through the developer’s website or using the websites of Forex brokers that offer direct access to the platform. So what is MT4 platform for sale and why is it necessary for current traders?

The trading platform is a workspace for the trader. Through it, the trader connects to the broker’s server and financial markets, and receives the instruments needed to carry out trading operations. Platform MT4 for sale is safe, versatile and mobile.

Multifunctional platform

MT4 has implemented a large number of functions that are necessary for trading with the use of Forex instruments. This platform includes:

  • nine time periods;
  • pending and market orders;
  • online quotes;
  • news feed received from major information companies;
  • a set of tools for conducting analytics.

Algorithmic trading can be singled out as one of the most important aspects of MetaTrader 4. This is the implementation of trading operations through automated trading systems. Using a pre-compiled algorithm, advisors, robotic machines and experts trade for you while you can rest. The platform contains the MQL4 IDE, with which you can create a personal advisor or develop operations, regardless of the level of complexity. Beginners can use the Code Base library, which is free for everyone, and the MetaTrader Market application store, where you can find everything you need, in particular, technical indicators, advisors and scripts.

Safety criterion

If you trade with MT4, you do not have to worry about your personal data at all. The information that comes from you to the terminal and platform servers is encrypted using 128-bit keys. In addition, the platform supports an enhanced security system based on RSA, which is an asymmetric encryption algorithm.

Platform mobility

Trading can be carried out not only through a computer, but through also using a smartphone or tablet. MT4 has three versions: browser, desktop and mobile. Both mobile and web platforms can be paired with a desktop terminal. You can open an order through a work computer, and then manage it in a tablet using a mobile version developed for devices running on Android/iOS. Thus, you are not tied to any particular place or time.

Benefits of using MetaTrader 4

Trading terminals are the main tools for traders. In fact, this is a special software that is designed to ensure quick interaction between the dealing center and the trader when carrying out a particular operation. MetaTrader 4 is one of the most used and popular platforms today, as it is in this trading platform that many traders find what they need.

MetaTrader 4 for sale is a clear and simple platform designed for trading in the Forex market, for performing technical analysis using indicators, for testing working systems and contacting advisors. In addition, there are web versions of trading terminals; in particular, separate mobile applications have been developed for Android and IOS, through which you can get permanent access to trading transactions.

The MT4 terminal offers three modes for conducting operations and eight types of orders: 2 stop orders, two market orders and 4 pending orders, and, in addition, Trailing Stop. Thanks to the use of powerful analytical tools, the platform makes it possible to conduct a detailed analysis of the dynamics of quotations, while each instrument is provided with 9 time periods, or so-called timeframes. Among other things, the terminal catches any price fluctuation and can quickly react to it using 23 analytic objects, interactive charts and 30 special indicators.

Today MT4 is one of the most demanded platforms, which makes it the absolute leader among similar terminals. Any needs of traders can be met thanks to the wide range of platform functionality.

  • Convenient and easily customizable interface.
  • 9 timeframes for charting.
  • Ability to create new indicators and advisors, and provide independent management of several accounts at once.
  • The program is combined with an online library with expert advisors and custom indicators.
  • Involvement of the NDD system, which operates without the involvement of dealers, executing client orders and providing direct contact between the interbank and the trader.

MT4 supports the following trading accounts: MT4 Fixed, MT4 NDD No Commission, MT4 NDD, and MT4 Cent.

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