Cryptocurrency Exchange License

This trade offer is a 100% stake in a trading company. Company location: Dubai. The main activity of the business is trading operations with household goods and some other goods of a different type, for example, brass ball valves, internet cables and others. The company’s client base is UAE businesses, e-commerce companies and wholesalers. This area is a large and developed market that sales a huge number of prospects for further development.

This offer will be of interest to those who want to move to Dubai, since the company’s license provides for the issuance of a visa for each of the family members of the entrepreneur.

A potential buyer will receive 2 web portals for online sales. The sites are ranked well by Google. In addition, there is an active online store, a 40ft warehouse container located in Dubai, a verified account at, an open bank account, and multiple contracts with suppliers.

The company’s annual turnover is 96 thousand dollars. The profit is about 26 thousand. The business environment offers excellent opportunities to expand and attract new customers.

The company’s warehouse stocks in Dubai: 42 thousand rolls of aluminum foil, copper pipes of various diameters – 1400 rolls, copper welding wire, brass ball valve. The cost of the reserves is about 70 thousand dollars.

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