Companies in the Czech Republic

Whenever you feel attracted to launching your enterprise in one of the European countries, you should glance at the prospect of forming or purchasing the company in the Czech Republic. Businesses of foreigners might execute the trade in the Czech Republic by creating a Czech enterprise or a satellite office with Czech registration. Besides, our company can assist you in finding a company for sale in Prague or any other city in the Czech Republic. It is a quick solution to your business request.

Categories of the Czech companies

Companies with limited liability and joint-stock corporations are the two most popular of the four legal kinds of corporations. For tax purposes, there exist two forms of partnerships (general and limited). Additionally, the Czech Republic permits the operation of the following types of European legal entities:

  • European Economic Interest Groupings;
  • European Companies;
  • European Cooperative Societies.


A satellite office of a nonnative corporation is not a legal entity in the Czech Republic. A director who is authorized to be a representative of the foreign firm in matters about the business unit must be appointed to it. The individual has to be documented in the Trade Registry. The branch’s internal affairs are governed by the laws according to which the firm’s parent organization was based.


  • Small and medium-sized firms are the only ones that often employ a corporation with limited liability.
  • Each stockholder must contribute a minimum of 1 Czech koruna to the nominal assets. The percentage of a certain stockholder’s investments in the company’s authorized capital essentially determines the amount of the ownership stake.
  • A limited liability firm has straightforward corporate management. A board of directors does not exist in a limited liability business. One or more executive leaders make up the institution’s executive branch. The general meeting or the sole investor acting under the authority of the general meeting elects and may recall the executive director. The founding papers may also grant an ownership stake the power to elect and remove executive directors. Unless otherwise provided for in the founding papers, each executive acts independently on behalf of the firm.


  • Big firms typically utilize joint-stock companies.
  • Articles of Association were created by one or more stockholders. A notarial act must be used to effectuate the articles of organization. A joint stock corporation may issue certificated or book-entered stock that is either registered or bearer.
  • The crucial capital for enrollment is 2,000,000 Czech korunas. The Commercial Registry must have at minimum 30 per cent of the allotted cash paid upfront before an application to incorporate a firm can be made. The administrative body of a joint-stock enterprise is the board of governors. The board members are chosen and dismissed during the annual meeting.

Account opening

The creators must deposit the funds into a separate bank account set up just before registration. Except to pay establishment-related expenses, the banks will not let anybody utilize the funds put in such a bank account before the firm’s registration in the Companies Registry. As an exception to this principle, financial contributions to a limited liability firm up to a total of CZK 20,000 may also be made to the business using other methods, such as a currency payment to the business or moving of assets of the contribution’s totality to the business’s current account.

Ready-made company in the Czech Republic

The most widespread form of ready-made company for sale is LLC. Buying a company with an account in the Czech Republic is an incredible option for businessmen who desire to begin business activity now.

  • You are not demanded to deposit any of the registered capital because it has already been paid in full for these firms.
  • You can negotiate on behalf of an establishment in the case of an acquisition within 1 day.
  • The business is already enrolled in the special national register, and all the required paperwork to set it up has been completed.
  • The firms have no debts and no receivables because they have not engaged in any business activity.

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