Fintech business in Estonia

Current advanced tech serves as the cornerstone of today’s financial and informational industries. Specialists in Estonian fintech have built a highly functioning economic system from the ground up. Estonian financial IT system combines high innovation with user-friendliness. So, a fintech company in Estonia is an amazing option for everyone who desires to start commercial activity in Europe.

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Why should you choose a company with soft in Estonia?

Authorities, banking, and telecommunication services providers worked together to establish a special environment. The advancement of electronic documents, fast internet, and enabling laws aided the provision of digital services. Early adopters and current gainers of effective and flexible business structures are Nordic banks.

Since 2001, Estonia has used decentralized, distributed networks, and since 2008, it has used blockchain technology. Guardtime, the largest Blockchain firm in the world, was founded and still has a sizable presence there, and blockchain start-up Funderbeam draws investors from throughout the world.

Concerning payments, Estonia has given rise to several internationally profitable entrepreneurs, such as Fortumo, Monese, which won an award, and Wise, an unstoppable unicorn with major engineering, research and development, and client support activities in Estonia.

Crypto in Estonia

Among the best hubs for digital currencies in Europe is Estonia, and the country’s prestige as a digital success story matches the appeal of cryptocurrencies. This industry has seen incredible growth, and investors are very interested in cryptocurrency products. Thus, a fintech company in Estonia for sale is an incredible option for business.


In Estonia, bitcoins and other cryptocurrency operations are taxed in the same way as other company activities – no corporate income tax is applied as long as the gain is not dispersed.

The European Court of Justice ruled that crypto are free from Value Add Tax.

Three situations give rise to tax duty, according to the Estonian taxes Board:

  • via trading an e-currency for another one;
  • turning a cryptocurrency into fiat money;
  • by utilizing cryptocurrency to buy goods or services.

When it comes to crypto, only activities that result in revenue are regulated, and the profit is the difference between the price paid to buy the coin and its sale price. The market price and the revenue or profit must be computed before converting one e-currency to another. The revenue gained, or the difference between the purchasing cost of the items or services obtained and the cryptocurrency utilized must be indicated when paying for products or services using cryptocurrencies.

The following sectors of activity need the application for a permit for the offering of services of a financial institution in Estonia:

  • offering virtual currency wallet services
  • services for converting virtual currencies to fiat currencies

Electronic money providers will be regarded as financial entities in Estonia as of March 2020. In Estonia, cryptocurrency businesses must adhere to the same reporting guidelines as all other economic entities. In Estonia, the exchange of one crypto for another is permitted thanks to a uniform license.

The FIU has given a perpetually valid crypto license. However, the Financial Department intends to make cryptocurrency licensing much more stringent. Instead of the FIU, the Securities Commission would be in charge of observing and governing the industry. This implies that the majority of the regulations are now in place for other monetary services.

Rules and laws

Fair and precise regulation is advantageous for the Estonian cryptocurrency business. As the first law to establish the European legislative structure for digital currencies, Estonia was the initial state to adapt European Directive 2015/849 to federal legislation in 2017. Digital currencies are defined under the Act of prevention of financial fraud and terrorism, which also imposes additional legal requirements on cryptocurrency vendors and e-wallet providers.

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