Fintech business in Europe

Europe has one decacorn at the beginning of 2021. Currently, it has three, and it appears that the continent is currently experiencing a financial technologies frenzy that will leave behind a large number of more decacorns. So, obtaining a fintech company in Europe is a beautiful start for trade. If you are attracted to a company in Europe for sale, Eli Deal’s specialists can help you handle the purchasing.

What is a decacorn and unicorn?

Decacorns are start-ups with a $10 billion valuation. This would indicate that businesses have reached their last stage of development, and while the majority are still concentrated in the USA or China, decacorns of Europe are also beginning to spread more widely. Decacorns from Europe include Revolut, Wise, Deliveroo, and Adyen.

The 3 financial technology decacorns that have emerged on European soil are Klarna, Revolut, and Checkout. With accordance with Crunchbase statistics, these 3 businesses are closely followed this year by 19+ fintech start-ups that have achieved unicorn status.

This sharp increase in highly prized fintech firms in Europe demonstrates the crucial role that the region is playing in upending important financial industries including transactions, banks, insuring, loans, trade, and digital commerce.

According to the statistics, 2021 has already broken records for private equity exits for financial institutions in Europe, demonstrating the industry’s obvious development.

Between January and July, fintech exits banked VCs a total of $70 billion globally, mostly through substantial public listings such as that of crypto exchange Coinbase. Around 20% of the overall number came from European departures.

Additionally, this has been a remarkable year for start-ups in Europe throughout all industries, with more companies than ever achieving the prized unicorn status. This expression is used to describe start-ups with a $1 billion valuation. There are currently 125 commercial enterprises called unicorns, all of which have their corporate headquarters in Europe.

The field of financial services is host to 39 of those businesses, or close to one-third of them, making the fintech sector one of the continent’s top producers of unicorns. So, a fintech company in Europe for sale is a desirable one.

Enhancing economic growth between the United Kingdom and European Union

Considering the tumultuous relationship between the EU and the UK, the growth of UK financial technologies have been a much-welcomed improvement to the continent’s financial system.

Although the specter of Brexit’s consequences is hanging over the nation, the United Kingdom has done everything possible to entice fintechs. As a consequence, the UK outperformed Germany, which was ranked second on the list, in terms of fintech investment rounds in 2017 and 2020.

TrueLayer, a London-based business that achieved unicorn status in September 2021 following a $130 financing round from investment company Tiger Global Management and payments powerhouse Stripe, is one recent example of the UK’s link with the EU being kept all through the financial technologies sector.

Leading European Fintech Companies

  • Bankera
  • Spendesk
  • Finanbest
  • Next
  • Arbor
  • Binance
  • Billie
  • Raisin
  • Kreditech
  • N26
  • Klarna
  • TransferWise
  • True Layer

Pros of doing trade with company with soft in Europe

  • The second-largest economy in the world is that of the EU.
  • Freedom of movement for people, money, products, and services inside a single European Union internal marketplace.

As a result, enterprises may cut expenses by skipping intra-EU trade tariffs. Additionally, businesses are free to recruit any person in the EU, tenfold expanding their talent pool.

  • Flexibility of mobility expands the market.

An EU nation has 18 million inhabitants on average. The population of the EU as a whole is little over 500 million people with free borders. The possibilities for businesses are significantly improved by the larger market.

  • There are several EU programs available to support small and medium-sized businesses (SME’s).

These initiatives aid in gaining access to capital and markets and promote maturation, internationalization, and entrepreneurship.

  • Rapid blossoming of technologies and the possibility of implementation.

Thus, if you are attracted to a fintech company for sale in Europe, Eli Deal’s attorneys are ready to help you with the registration and buying process.

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