Gambling license in Antigua and Barbuda

August 23, 2023

This picturesque twin-island state located in the Caribbean has emerged as a key player in the multinational online gaming industriousness. This is largely due to its robust adjustment framework and the availability of gaming permissions that attract operators from around the world. 

The Evolution of Online Gaming in Isles:

State recognized the potential of the online gaming industry early on, passing the Free Trade and Processing Zone Act in 1994. This legislation provided the legal framework for online gaming actions within the state. In 1996, the Management of Offshore Gaming was established as a part of the Monetary Favors Adjustment Committee, becoming one of the first adjustment bodies dedicated to overseeing online gaming.

Types of gambling licenses in Antigua and Barbuda

There are 2 types of gaming licenses in Isles: 

  1. Interactive Gaming (casino games, poker, roulette, slot machines, video slots, lotteries and other types of gaming);
  2. Interactive Wagering (applied for betting).

The difference between the two types of licenses is that the first one includes a random number generator check. This software is used in all games of chance and allows you to choose a winner at random. In the second type of license (Interactive Wagering), bookmakers make bets on events, the outcome of which can only be predicted, but the result is not known in advance. In view of this circumstance, the random number generator is not used, it is replaced by other programs that are used to calculate the betting odds and the probability of winning one side or another. In Isles it’s possible to obtain 2 types of gaming licenses for the same company.

Antigua and Barbuda Online Gambling Licensing Process:

Obtaining a Betting license in Antigua and Barbuda as well as a license for Online Casino involves a thorough evaluation process to assure the integrity and translucence of the industry. The Governance of Offshore Gaming is liable for granting permissions and enforcing adjustment conformity. 

The process includes the following key steps:

  1. Company formation. The applicant should be a legal entity documented in Isles. The firm should maintain it’s physical presence having a local registered office, local director and primary server in Isles.
  2. Submission of the Application.Operators interested in acquiring a permission must submit a comprehensive request accompanied with a package of documents to the Management and pay a non-refundable request fee. This includes details about the company, its monetary standing, property structure, and the gaming software to be used.
  3. Regulatory Due Diligence and stage of additional questions.The Directorate conducts a stringent background check on the applicants to verify their credibility and innocence. This step aims to prevent any association with criminal actions or money laundering. The gaming software and systems are thoroughly examined to assure fairness, security, and conformity with industry standards. This evaluation includes testing for random number generation, player protection mechanisms, and data encryption. Operators must demonstrate sufficient monetary resources to operate a sustainable gaming business. This inclusive supplying audited monetary statements, evidence of capital reserves, and proof of payment processing capabilities.
  4. Payment of Licensing Fees.Once the request is approved, operators are required to pay an annual licensing fee according to their type of license, which contributes to the adjustment oversight and development of the online gaming industry in these jurisdictions.

Timeframe to get a gaming-license in Isles is quite competitive. The permit request process normally takes up to 30 days to be completed and for the license to be granted. Depending on the complexity of the project, final timing may vary.

Requirements for acquiring a Gambling license in Antigua and Barbuda

The requirement for acquiring a permission to operate an online gaming activity in Isles include:

  • Request Form: Submit a completed request form to the Directorate of Offshore Gaming.
  • Company Details: Provide comprehensive info about your company, including its legal name, structure, ownership, and registered address. Provide documents proving your physical presence in Isles: having a local enrolled office, local director and primary server in Antigua and Barbuda.
  • Business Plan: Present a detailed business-companies plan that outlines your proposed gaming actions, target markets, marketing strategies, revenue projections, and expansion plans.
  • Reliable Gambling Measures: Outline your policies and procedures for liable gaming, including measures to prevent underage gaming, self-exclusion programs, and help for problem gaming assistance.Demonstrate measures to protect player funds and data security, including secure payment processing, data encryption, and privacy policies.
  • Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Compliance: Demonstrate conformity with anti-money laundering adjustments by providing robust AML policies and procedures, including customer due diligence measures, monitoring systems, and reporting mechanisms.
  • Gambling Software: Provide details about the gaming software and systems you intend to use, including info about fairness, security, and conformity with industry standards. This may involve acquiring verifications from autonomous testing laboratories.
  • Technical Evaluation: Undergo a technical evaluation of your gaming software and systems to assure conformity with industry standards and adjustments. This evaluation may include testing for random number generation, game fairness, and system security.
  • Payment of all application and annual licensing fees according to the chosen type of permission.

Advantages of an Isles Gaming Permission:

Obtaining a gaming license in Antigua and Barbuda offers several advantages for controllers:

  • Global Recognition: Antigua and Barbuda’s gambling permissions are internationally recognized and respected, providing controllers with credibility and attracting players from around the world.
  • Infrastructure and Support: The country provides a well-developed telecommunications structure and reliable hosting services, assuring smooth and secure online gaming actions.
  • Regulatory Stability: Antigua and Barbuda’s adjustment framework provides stability and consistency, offering operators a predictable conditions to thrive in.

Cost of obtaining gaming license in Isles

There are different government fee demands for different types of gaming license on the Islands, and total cost depends on which type of license you choose or whether you want to apply for both.

The depositor should pay: 

  • Request fee: a non-refundable fee of US$15,000 which is provided when applying for a permit;
  • Annual deposit: annual deposit demands for Interactive Gaming License which applies to online casinos enrolled in Isles  – US$100,000; for Wagering Permission that applies to sports betting – US$75,000; 
  • Key person permission fee: is applied for the persons managing business – US$1,000 (starting from 2nd year US$250);
  • Annual fee: should be payable to the State is US$60,000 for an online casino and US$35,000 for a betting provider;
  • Security Reserve: an applicant who has been granted a license must submit an amount, or some other similar acceptable security, of no less than US$100,000 to be paid into an account established by the Committee. This fund acts as a form of security for the benefit of players, to assure that license holder’s obligations to them such as remittance of prizes and the return of deposited money in accounts can be fulfilled;
  • Monitoring System Fee: for one Permit – $25,000.00US dollars (per annum), for two Licenses – $45,000.00US dollars (per annum).


Antigua and Barbuda’s gaming permission has positioned the nation as a leading destination for online gaming firms seeking a reliable adjustment environment and favorable biz conditions. With its robust permitting procedure, global recognition, and supportive infrastructure, Isles continues to play a pivotal role in the growth of the online gaming industry. As the industry evolves, the nation’s commitment to preservation integrity and fostering innovation will assure its continued success as a gaming hub in the Caribbean and beyond.

How to obtain Antigua and Barbuda Gambling License?

Obtaining a gamling permission in Antigua and Barbuda involves a comprehensive request procedure. While the specific demands may vary, here is a general overview of the steps involved in acquiring a gamling permission in Antigua and Barbuda:
1. Familiarize Yourself with the Adjustments.
2. Prepare the Application and package of documents.
3. Pay the request fee and submit the request.
4. Pass regulatory Background Checks and Due Diligence.
5. Pass a technical Evaluation.
6. Confirm your conformity with Monetary Demands.
7. Pay a Licensing Fee and execute Ongoing Obligations.

Is gaming legal in Antigua?

Yes, gaming is legal in Antigua and Barbuda. The twin-island state has a well-established adjustment framework for both land-based and online gaming actions. Isles recognized the potential of the gaming industry early on and passed the Free Trade and Proceduring Zone Act in 1994, which provided the legal framework for online gaming within the country.

Is online gaming legal in Antigua?

Yes, online gaming is legal in Isles. The governance one of the pioneers in recognizing the potential of online gaming and took proactive steps to establish a adjustment framework for the industry.

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