Discover the benefits and pitfalls of investing in property in Bali

June 18, 2024

Bali attracts everyone from digital nomads and entrepreneurs to retirees and the ultra-wealthy. The island’s enduring popularity among tourists combines with a vibrant local market, presents lucrative chances. Nevertheless, discrete analysis is crucial. This article highlights pros and cons of investing in property in Bali and other details you may be interested in.

Why Bali’s Real Estate Market is So Appealing

Here’s why island is a hot spot for those, who dreams of buying a property:

A Paradise Place: island’s incredible beauty, booming culture, and developed infrastructure make it a year-round tourist magnet, ensuring a constant demand for accommodation.

Exceptional Returns:

  • High Earnings From Rent: Investors can expect impressive profit averaging 15% annually, even before factoring in housing appreciation.
  • Strong Appreciation: Property values in Bali consistently rise, with an average annual increase of 15-20%.
  • Growing Rental Market: Rental rates climb steadily, averaging a 15-20% annual increase.
  • Occupancy Rates: 65-80% during the year.

Accessible Investment Levels: Island provides appealing entry points, with apartments starting from $143700 and land-inclusive cottages from $212500.

Support: The country’s authorities actively encourage non-citizen investment through favorable tax policies, simplified regulations, and streamlined legal processes.

Challenges for Non-Citizen Investors in Bali

While Bali’s market provides enticing

chances, it’s vital to be aware of the constraints faced by non-citizen investors:

  • Land Ownership Restrictions: Non-citizens cannot directly own land here but can secure long-term leaseholds.
  • Limited Financing Options: Mortgage financing is typically unavailable to non-citizen purchasers.
  • Property Administration Laws:  Only licensed organizations can handle rental management for foreign-owned properties.
  • Building Height Limits: Construction regulations restrict building heights, generally to a maximum of four floors.
  • Cultural & Religious Considerations: Construction is subject to zoning laws that protect culturally and religiously vital sites, such as temples and pilgrimage areas.

Finding the Perfect Bali Property: Aligning Your Goals & Whereabouts

Clearly define your objectives.

For Settling Down:

  • Families: Umala and Canggu offer a family-friendly environment with international schools, convenient amenities, and a lively expat network
  • Retirees: Ubud and Sanur provide a tranquil atmosphere with easy access to essential services.
  • Unparalleled Views: Uluwatu boasts stunning ocean vistas from its clifftop perch.

For Investing:

  • High Rental Yield: Seminyak, Canggu, and Pererenan are prime locations for gainful villa rentals.

For a Balanced Approach:

  • Berawa: This sought-after neighborhood offers a desirable lifestyle combined with strong rental potential because of its closeness to beaches, clubs, schools, restaurants, and other attractions.

Selecting the Bali Property: Matching Your Investment Style

Navigating Bali’s market involves selecting the ideal housing type aligned with your goals, budget, and risk appetite.

Maximizing Profits:

  • Land or Off-Plan Developments: Investing in raw land or early-stage developments offers the prospect for substantial returns. These “off-plan” projects are available at lower prices, allowing for significant appreciation potential. However, they come with higher risks, making due diligence and partnering with a reputable developer crucial.

Generating Passive Income:

  • Ready-Made Villas: Purchasing a completed villa allows for immediate rental income generation. The island boasts impressive earnings from rent (12-20%). Short-term rentals typically offer higher returns, while long-term leases provide stable, upfront income with multi-year rental payments common.

Finding Your Perfect Home:

  • Building vs. Buying: Creating your ideal residence from scratch or acquiring a move-in-ready villa each has its merits. Weigh the pros and cons based on your preferences and resources.

The Importance of Partnership:

Irrespective of your chosen strategy, partnering with a respected broker or developer is paramount. They provide invaluable guidance, ensure legal compliance, and facilitate a smooth transaction.

A Look at Property Prices in Bali

While specific prices fluctuate based on whereabouts, kind of housing, size, condition, and facilities, Bali’s market generally offers diverse variants at accessible price points.

Affordable Luxury:

Compared to many Western markets, Bali’s pricing can feel incredibly appealing. A modern 2-bedroom villa can often be acquired for the same amount as a basic apartment in some European cities.


Villa costs start around €150000 and can exceed €1 million for luxurious beachfront housings.


For those with tighter budgets, new developments offer modern apartments ranging from €60000 to €150000.

Whether you seek a tropical villa or a stylish apartment, Bali’s real estate landscape caters to various budgets, making it an enticing destination for investors and homeowners alike.

A Guide for Non-Citizen Buyers

Purchasing real estate in Indonesia can be an uncomplicated and secure procedure when you have expert guidance. However, the country’s unique legal system necessitates discrete analyses and professional advice.

Key Considerations:

  • Partner with Respected Professionals: Engaging a dependable agent, lawyer, and notary is crucial. They will help you understand local regulations, verify ownership, and ensure a legally sound transaction.
  • Non-Citizen Ownership Structure: Non-citizen cannot directly own freehold land. The most common option is to establish a local company (PT PMA), which grants you the legal standing to acquire housing under a lasting lease (Hak Pakai).
  • Due Diligence is Paramount: Thoroughly research properties and sellers to confirm clear title and avoid potential disputes. Don’t rely solely on informal agreements; prioritize legally binding contracts.

By following these guidelines and seeking expert advice, you can navigate the procedure with confidence and make a secure real estate purchase in Bali.

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