Gambling license obtaining in Romania

November 1, 2023

Over a span of three decades, Romania has honed its approach to managing the landscape of chance and risk devices. During this extensive period, the government has enacted and refined a series of significant legislative acts, each imbuing the domain with new layers of regulatory complexity. In the contemporary context, governance over this sphere falls under the purview of two regulatory authorities.

The Ministry of Finance presides over the meticulous monitoring of intricate financial flows, carefully tracing the intricate financial currents that wind their way through the labyrinthine networks of both tangible and digital chance and risk enterprises. Simultaneously, the Gambling Commission, a subsidiary of the Ministry, plays a pivotal role, overseeing the issuance of permits while harmonizing the interests of the state and entrepreneurial entities.

Within the expansive landscape of permissible chance and risk undertakings, a diverse spectrum of options materializes. This kaleidoscope encompasses terrestrial wagers, the mechanical allure of games of chance, games of skill such as poker and blackjack, and the allure of chance represented by roulette. Furthermore, digital platforms open the gateway to these activities, transcending geographical boundaries and conventional physical spaces.

Each discrete subcategory within this realm demands unique protocols. To officially establish a chance and risk establishment within this sphere, one may engage the services of our company, renowned for its expertise in procuring an array of credentials, as enumerated below.

Approval Categories in Romania

Romania’s realm of chance and risk categorizes itself into three distinct classes of permits, with various subcategories extending permissions across multiple facets of the sector.

  • Class 1 Permit: This validation, in conjunction with its corresponding permissions, is obligatory for enterprises seeking to deliver services in the Romanian market, regardless of whether the operation occurs in a physical space or a digital realm.
  • Class 2 Permit: Tailored for providers specializing in the realm of chance, specifically those proffering products and services to entities within Romania. The class 2 permit encompasses a wide spectrum of provider categories, encompassing manufacturers, distributors, software providers, platform and hosting management service providers, online streaming casino providers, certification laboratories, auditors, entities tasked with assessing game compliance, payment systems, and marketing affiliates.
  • Class 3 Permit: This particular category is exclusively conferred upon the National Romanian Lottery, bestowing upon it a legal monopoly over all genres of lotteries.

The establishment of a conventional chance and risk establishment on Romanian soil is inexorably tethered to an array of stipulations. Regulatory directives prescribe that a minimum of gaming tables are to be made available, with a portion earmarked for games of chance. Regardless of the venue’s geographical location, an autonomous entrance is deemed mandatory. The establishment must rigorously adhere to operational benchmarks, encompassing the provisioning of amenities for personnel, the availability of restroom facilities, and the provision of indispensable utilities.

The attainment of a chance and risk permit in Romania hinges upon the successful navigation of a physical scrutiny, scrutinizing adherence to fire safety and sanitary standards.

Chance and Risk Devices

In alignment with state policies, each individual chance and risk device within a chance and risk establishment is mandated to be endowed with its discrete certification. The technical documentation for these devices must detail the frequency at which they undergo inspections for potential damage. In the context of digital platforms, these devices undergo periodic audits and periodic updates to their Random Number Generator (RNG) certificates. The acquisition of a device permit in Romania is an undertaking of relative simplicity, entailing a legal tenure of three years, with automatic renewal contingent upon the requisite fee remittances.

Ownership of these mechanical wonders is exclusive to individuals who have attained the chronological threshold, remaining unallied to the state. The issuance of these certifications to individuals with a criminal record is categorically proscribed. Furthermore, the installation of these machines in proximity to culturally significant venues, medical facilities, monuments, and kindred sites is expressly forbidden. These mechanical wonders may find their place within cafes and retail establishments solely when endowed with a distinct ingress leading to the game area.

Bingo Permissions

The conduct of bingo within Romania is ensconced within stringent regulatory parameters. Parks and recreational areas serve as verboten grounds for the orchestration of bingo sessions. Securing permission for bingo paves the way for the utilization of foreign currencies in the context of wagers, subject to supplementary endorsement from a local banking institution. Infractions against these statutes invite administrative sanctions.

Digital Chance and Risk

The provisioning of chance and risk experiences within Romania entails a meticulous regulatory procedure. Applicants are mandated to meet specific technical and operational criteria.

  • Localization Requirements: The operator’s primary server is to be domiciled within the territorial confines of Romania or within another EU or EEA member state, or even in Switzerland. Moreover, in instances where the primary server resides outside the precincts of Romania, the concomitant establishment of secure and mirror servers within Romanian dominion is a sine qua non.
  • Utilization of Class 2 Licensees: Remote chance and risk organizers are empowered to operate within Romania exclusively through products and services tendered by B2B providers holding a class 2 license. Activities mandating the procurement of a class 2 license encompass software development, platform management, payment processing, and certification.
  • Certification Requirements: Any operator endeavoring to secure a digital permit is obliged to be endowed with a certificate governing their digital chance and risk system, encompassing both software and platform components, issued by a specialized company bearing a class 2 license.

Chance and Risk in a Digital World

Even in instances wherein the outcome of wagers is not subject to the capricious vagaries of Random Number Generators or software algorithms, establishments dedicated to chance and risk must conform to exacting standards pertaining to electronics. The deployment of Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras is cast in the mold of a categorical imperative, facilitating the resolution of contentious disputes.

Owners and staff members of these establishments are subject to a prohibition against embroilment in disputes. The acquisition of a permit for chance and risk establishments in Romania can be abetted by the legal acumen of our  lawyers.

Establishing a Ground-Based Entity

Enterprises aspiring to establish themselves as purveyors of chance and risk endeavors in the realm of Romania must gracefully navigate a labyrinth of prerequisites. Operators find themselves mandated to establish a physical presence within the territory, obliging them to secure the requisite permissions and endorsements. For foreign entities venturing into this landscape, the appointment of a locally domiciled authorized representative is not a mere formality; it is an inescapable necessity. This designated liaison serves as the crucial intermediary, bridging the chasm between the foreign entity and the pertinent regulatory authorities.

Furthermore, these operators bear the weighty responsibility of establishing a dedicated financial repository in collaboration with a reputable financial institution. This account serves the pivotal function of safeguarding the fiscal resources associated with their operations. In the digital expanse of chance and risk, the facilitation of payouts to participants is contingent upon the utilization of payment systems that have been duly sanctioned by the relevant authorities.

Monthly Compliance Requirements

The enterprises are furthermore enjoined to furnish a monthly dossier to the governing authorities.

Requirements for Digital Entities

  • IT System Testing: Applicants must submit to a rigorous examination of their entire IT system within a specialized testing laboratory endowed with a Class 2 license.
  • Certification of Gaming Software: The validation of gaming software, encompassing the Random Number Generator (RNG) and Return to Player (RTP) for each specific game, necessitates accreditation from an entity possessing a Class 2 license.
  • Infrastructure and Servers: In scenarios where the game server is geographically situated beyond Romania’s borders, operators are obligated to establish secure mirror servers within
  • Romanian territory. This mandate ensures the capacity to oversee activities pertaining to the Romanian market and conduct meticulous scrutiny of incidents. These servers are obliged to aggregate comprehensive reports that consolidate daily operations and financial outcomes.

In summary, Romania’s intricate landscape of chance and risk regulations weaves a multifaceted tapestry that accommodates the diverse requirements of various entity categories. The overarching goal is to uphold the integrity and legality of this flourishing sector within the nation. Whether one’s aspirations involve establishing a physical gaming establishment, overseeing mechanical gaming devices, orchestrating skill-based games, or offering chance and risk experiences, adherence to the prescribed regulations and licensing prerequisites is of paramount importance. Specialized legal guidance, such as that offered by us, assumes a pivotal role in navigating the intricate terrain of Romania’s chance and risk landscape.

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