Investment license in Latvia

May 4, 2023
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When co-owners are looking for a country to open a business, they pay attention to the stability of the politics system and economics performance of the region. The most stable countries are considered to be EU-member states.

This small Baltic country offers great prospects for the development of business structures. That is why obtaining investment license in Latvia is an excellent solution for considerable business founders. It is not very difficult to obtain this document, but it is necessary to comply with certain requirements from the Central Bank of Latvia as the controller.

To obtain this document, you need to fill out a corresponding application and wait for the regulator’s decision. For this minimum, you need to create a legal entity or buy a company already operating in the market.

The process of obtaining Investment license in Latvia

After the investment company registration services in Latvia will issue a document confirming the association of a permitted entity, the corporation can apply for permission. The process of obtaining it takes place in several stages, namely:

  • preparation;
  • filing of an app;
  • evaluation;
  • adoption by the regulator of the final decision.

During each operation, active communication is necessary between the prospective licensee and the regulator. If you miss the point of proper communication, you are likely to be rejected.


The preparatory stage for any Crowdfunding platforms in Latvia is the basis before obtaining permission. During it, the corporation must obtain an initial consultation with the regulator. In respective, the conceivable licensee sends a business plan indicating the field of activity (specifying the conceivable usefulness. whom they see as their consumers, and in which countries they plan to work).

Info about the corps co-owners and their sources of funds must also be provided. The Central Bank reviews the documents and provides an initial assessment of the project. If it is found compliant with the local legislation, the next step of applying for a license can be initiated.

Submission of the application

This stage begins when the client submits an app and full docs to start the preliminary examination. The regulator has 25 working days to conduct it. During this time they have to provide a conclusion about whether the application is filled out correctly and whether all the documents are provided by the potential licensee.

If there are discrepancies, it is possible to return to correct deficiencies and resubmit the application. For convenience, the licensee is notified of the start of the preliminary examination and its completion date.

Evaluation of the app

In case the corporation manages to pass the preliminary examination to work in the field of crowdfunding in Latvia, its application moves on to the evaluation stage. This means that the representatives of the central bank will evaluate all the information about the company and its capabilities. In particular, the regulator will meet with the founders of the firm and draw up an act on the result of the meeting. It is also possible to make minor corrections to the documentation, which the initiators had previously provided with an application.

After the meeting, the Central Bank continues to analyze the application and, if necessary, may initiate several more meetings to clarify the details. During these meetings, the initiator will have the opportunity to convince the regulator that the company will be able to work openly in the market and will not violate local legislation.

Final decision

At the final stage of reviewing the application of crowdfunding operators in Latvia, the representatives of the Latvian Central Bank make the final decision on issuing an acquisition license to the potential licensee.

As a result, 3 variants of the decision can be accepted:

  • agreed;
  • refused;
  • Agreed with certain conditions.

The last option allows the corporation to carry out acquisition activities in the specified regions but with certain restrictions. A letter will be sent to the company about the result of the made decision. After passing the authorization, the permitted entity can begin equipping usefulness according to the authorization granted.

Who to approach for assistance

Obtaining an Investment license in Latvia is easy only at first sight. Each company, which has decided to prepare documentation on its own, encounters a lack of knowledge of the regulator’s rules. As a result, they have to eliminate many mistakes that could have been avoided.

To promptly obtain the necessary permits, it is most correct to turn to professionals. Our employees have for a long time provided various types of advice to the companies willing to operate in Latvia and other EU-members.

We provide not only consultations but also help to prepare the docs for the apps. We shall analyze it to be submitted and tell you what points need to be corrected immediately. After our consultations, the customers at once submit the correct documents to the regulator and the CB makes a quick decision on the issuance of the corresponding license.

For preliminary consultation contact our employees by phone numbers on the site or fill in the feedback form and our manager will call you back.

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