Ready-made company in Germany

One of the most developed nations in both the entire world and Central Europe is the Federal Republic of Germany. The nation is a member of the European Union and holds permanent membership in OSCE, NATO, Council of Europe, G4, G8, UN, and the World Trade Organization. Thus, launching a company in Germany is a win-win option.

It is an excellent option for business if you are interested in a country with a good financial and economic position, maximum dependability and security, political situation stability, high state authority, currency uncontrol and dependability of regional banks, and the potential for establishing a holding company and/or a non-resident entity. Eli Deal’s team of lawyers can assist you in searching for a company for sale in Germany.

Limited liability company (Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung)

  • It can be founded by a single individual or a group of people.
  • A notarial form is required by the articles of organization. They require the signatures of all stockholders. If the firm has no more than three stockholders and one director, the formation process can be streamlined.
  • Only based on a power of attorney that has been formed or validated by a notary public may authorize representatives to sign the articles of organization.
  • The words “Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung” or an easily understandable abbreviation of this classification should appear in the company’s name.
  • The location in Germany designated there shall serve as the company’s registered office.
  • The enterprise had to have one or more directors.
  • The share capital of the firm should not be less than € 25.000.

The memorandum of incorporation must be defined:

  • business’s name and location of its registered office,
  • the goal of the business,
  • capitalization worth of the shares,
  • quantity and nominal value of the shares each shareholder subscribes to in exchange for making a capital investment into the share capital.

But in any way creating the company is a complicated process, so our team can offer you a company with an account in Germany to start a commercial activity within 24 hours.

Ready-made company for sale in Germany

A shelf firm should preferably be in existence for years and not be utilized for any previous commercial endeavors. In this way, the prospective investor can carry out the necessary business operations with no debt and by employing a legal organization whose reputation is assured by the fact that it has been in the marketplace for a while, without obligations or problems, and is, therefore, free to do so. The key benefit of buying a shelf company for foreign investors is the time savings compared to forming a new firm from scratch. The procedure is considerably easier for business owners for whom the naming of the firm is unimportant because they won’t have to make any more modifications after acquiring their purchased legal organization.

Pros of ready-made companies in Germany

  • Compared to when a company is founded from scratch, the owner of the firm will be able to get involved in business operations considerably faster.
  • One of the main benefits of a shelf firm is that, for credit considerations, other trading partners and banks will view it much more favorably due to its maturity.
  • It is possible to tailor the business to the demands of the client.
  • Compared to having to start a brand-new business, the owner of the firm won’t have to spend as much time on the transfer procedure.

A German company with an account has several benefits, one of which is the point that because they are already registered, an investor won’t have to waste time going through the incorporation process. Older German shelf firms permit the absorption of past events, giving its owner more credibility while engaging in commerce.

Buying a ready-made company in Germany

In Germany, buying an already formed company is rather easy. Transferring the company’s shares to the new buyer is the only obligation. In Germany, the transfer must be finalized in front of a public notary. Additionally, the buyer must present identity documents and have all documentation validated by a notary when buying a German shelf business. After the transition, the new owner may modify the following aspects of the firm:

  • the name of the company;
  • the primary business activity;
  • the address;
  • the appointment of a new governing board or administration.

One must inform the German Trade Register after all alterations have been made in compliance with the demands of the new owner.

If you need help in purchasing business, our lawyers might assist and consult you with a company for sale in Germany.

Our specialists will help you choose the best option among various businesses for sale. Feel free to contact us anytime.