Ready-made company in Spain

There are two ways for foreign investors to launch a company in Spain. One of the choices entails starting a business using the usual registration process; the alternative involves buying a ready-made company in Spain.

A ready-made company is typically chosen by entrepreneurs who want to begin their operations as soon as possible because this kind of company has already been incorporated and the only thing left to do is transfer ownership. If you are attracted to the quick incorporation of your business our attorneys are ready to help you with looking for a company for sale in Spain.

Why should you buy ready-made companies in Spain?

The main benefit of choosing to buy a business rather than forming a new company is that the administrative processes will take much less time. Spanish shelf companies are already in operation because some of them also need additional licenses or permits, which lengthens the registration process.

  • Its establishment papers have been drafted, signed, and it is registered in Spain;
  • It is formed under one of the legal persons accessible in Spain and has already been registered with the Spanish Commercial Registry;
  • It has a business bank account and receives financial identity numbers;
  • a shelf company established in Spain with the sole intention of being sold, which engaged in no commercial operations;
  • By acquiring various types of assets, the firm’s representatives can raise the capital of the company;
  • The capital can be increased when the document for the transfer of stock is signed, as well as at any time after the ready-made business is purchased.

The conditions for buying a shelf company in Spain

It is important to realize that, if the investors have decided to purchase a shelf company, the acquisition procedure is rather simple. If you’re an investor from outside the country, you don’t need to go there to make the purchase. Our company can handle the purchase transaction and assist with the entire procedure.

The directors of a purchased ready-made business are one of the adjustments that must be made, and in this regard, it is important to be aware that the investors must supply a tax identification number for the selected director.

Benefits of a company in Spain?

The usual registration process for establishing a company in Spain can take a while; the benefit of finding companies in Spain for sale is that you can start engaging in economic activity right away.

The investors will save time on the initial implementation because the firm is already registered with the government municipalities, but they can also take advantage of other benefits, including those listed below:

  • regardless of the corporate structure that the shelf business is incorporated, the company’s purchasers are not required to deposit any share capital because the legal entity already has the necessary capital;
  • as previously noted, a certificate confirming that the shelf company has no commercial activity will serve as proof of this;
  • a certificate stating that the company had no prior business activities and that it is debt-free will be provided to buyers when they buy a shelf company;
  • a Spanish notary authenticates this documentation, which is provided when investors buy the company’s stock;
  • The company’s goals might be changed to suit the requirements of the new owners’ enterprise.

How long does the buying process take in Spain?

When opposed to beginning the process of Spanish company incorporation, buying a Spanish shelf company saves time, as was previously noted. While buying a ready-made firm can be done in one day, registering a company using the regular incorporation process can take several weeks. Once the business has been acquired and the necessary paperwork has been signed, the new management can officially launch the business.

What modifications are possible for a Spanish shelf company?

As seen in this article, a shelf company’s new owners can readily change the kind of activities that will be handled by this kind of firm. The entrepreneurs can also modify the company’s trading name in this situation, a process that could be initiated once the ownership transfer is complete. This is not the only modification that can be made, though.

It is also possible to change the company’s trading name before you buy the business, but doing so is significantly more difficult because the Spanish Mercantile Registry needs to be notified and a new certificate for the company’s trading name needs to be issued. The buying process may take longer in this instance than it would normally.

If you are attracted in seeking a Spanish company with a bank account for sale, our lawyers can consult you on questions that are connected with the process of purchasing and registration.

Our specialists will help you choose the best option among various businesses for sale. Feel free to contact us anytime.