Seychelles Forex License in 2023

January 5, 2023
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Achieving a Seychelles FX permission is a procedure that must be completed in order to provide a number of monetary services in this country. Today’s article will help you figure out how to get a FX permission in the Islands.

Benefits of licensing FX activities in the Seychelles

The Seychelles are becoming more and more exoteric with Forex Brokers in the Seychelles and CFD Seychelles offshore brokers. Among the advantages of doing biz in this country are usually distinguished such points as:

  • political, economic, social stability of the state;
  • features of the corporate and personal tax climate;
  • relatively simple licensing procedure;
  • flexible policy for considering applications from companies for acquiring Seychelles Forex licenses;
  • auspicios tax rates;
  • it is possible to create a FX business-company SDL to supply monetary services to clients;
  • there are no restrictions on the number of accepted clients;
  • the term for obtaining a FX dealer permit in the islands is about 3 months;
  • Possibility to connect SWIFT system.

Individuals can do business in this area only on the basis of licensing as a dealer. In the event that the management of the enterprise and its activities are carried out outside the state, obtaining a dealer permission for cash in the country is not necessary.

Profits of a offshore brokers Seychelles license

The monetary costs of setting up a company, maintaining an office and other costs are relatively small. Price details are below.

Lawfullment is distinguished by one of the fastest periods for considering applications: if in the USA an applicant can wait 18 months, in Cyprus or Malta everything takes up to a year, then 3 months are enough to receive a decision from the commission.

The size of the authorized capital is also small. The legislation of the country makes it possible to register an institution already if the minimum threshold of the Criminal Code is placed on the bank account – 50 thousand dollars.

Low level of state fee, which is charged for consideration of the applicant’s application. The issuance of a permission requires an additional payment, as well as its renewal every six months. However, these figures are also less than the average for the European Union and licensors in general.

The requirements for the applicant are formulated clearly and in an understandable form, which simplifies the process of preparing for the transfer of a collection of documents. The standard contains all the necessary conditions, which is why the commission does not ask the client additional questions that increase the period of consideration.

Loyalty policy in the Seychelles is not just an expression. It is indeed respected by the commission and the administration. When considering applications, indulgence towards applicants is possible, as well as not particularly strict further supervision of the activities of the certificate holder.

All info given to the regulator is not published anywhere, is kept in strict secrecy and is not disclosed to anyone except in cases prescribed by the legislation of the country permit. Investment companies are completely exempt from paying taxes. Only corporate tax must be transferred to the state treasury. The rate is 1.5% of the company’s total income for the current year, which is much lower than in many other lawfullment.

How does a Forex license Seychelles cost?

The total amount consists of several basic services and is 12,500 US dollars. These costs are used for the following operations:

  1. The process of enrollment of any legal form of economic business.
  2. Opening an account in the most profitable of the local banks.
  3. Submission of a completed application and a full package of papers. When cooperating with a law firm, you also receive support from the FSA. Documents are checked by members of the commission, in the presence of incomprehensible or incorrect moments, our lawyers immediately correct the situation without the risk of sending a set of papers for re-submission.
  4. Advising the client on filling out paperwork, paying fees, choosing a bank and business ownership, as well as on other details.
  5. Payment of the state fee charged for the verification of documentation by administrative persons.
  6. Payment of the state fee charged for the issuance of a certificate in the hands of the applicant.

Additional costs include payment for outsourcing favors, as the evolution of a business plan and policy items to prevent money laundering. It costs about 1500 thousand dollars. The permission must be renewed every five years, for which the organization is required to pay a fee of $11,000, which incorporates all services. The collection of legal papers for prolongation is minimal.

Licensing gives the company the opportunity to:

  • conclude an agreement on the acquisition, alienation, subscription to securities or underwriting of securities;
  • initiate any sale or alienation (or other transactions) of securities for consideration;
  • participate in any securities transaction taking place on the stock exchange;
  • act as a dealer in the securities under the order to buy or sell such securities; or
  • manage an investment portfolio on behalf of the client;
  • carry out transactions with shares, futures and other monetary instruments.

Thus, a Seychelles Forex brokerage license can give your business-company the ability to:

  1. advise others on deposits in securities;
  2. issue, analyze or prepare reports on specific securities;
  3. manage investment portfolios.

These Seychelles FX Licenses may be useful for brokerage firms, mutual funds, or hedge funds that may have clients who wish to invest in securities. Such investments may be made through a legal entity enrolled in the islands and keeping a securities business permission. Usually a permission is issued within three months after the appropriate application is submitted to the FSA. The permission holder may publicly offer its FX services and products on its website. A business-company with a financial permit in the Islands can provide banking favors such as creating your own FX or CFD product, as well as accepting deposits from clients. There is no limit to the number of customers that a FX business-company in the Seychelles can accept.


The applicant must meet the following requirements:

  • Be a business-company incorporated under the Companies Ordinance 1972 or under the laws of a recognized state. The list of such countries is specified in Appendix 2 of the Law;
  • Hire leastwise two directors, who must be individuals;
  • Comply with the established minimum issued and paid up capital of leastways $50,000;
  • Comply with insurance requirements (the permission must have professional compensation appropriate to the nature and size of the business);
  • Provide confirmation of the presence of a real office in the country


In addition, the following paper are required for all directors/officers, sharers and beneficial owners:

  • Confirmation of the destitution of a criminal record;
  • Declaration of no bankruptcy;
  • Certified copy of the passport;
  • Original or certified copy of a letter of recommendation from the bank;
  • 2 certified copies of professional reference letters;
  • Original or certified copy of utility bills;
  • Resume / CV outlining experience in Seychelles Forex and Brokerage Offshore License and the required level of qualification.
  • These legal papers must be no older than three months and must be certified and in some cases apostilled and translated into English.

Is Forex trading legal in Seychelles?

The Seychelles Securities Law, created in 2007, provides the following definition: any activity related to the implementation of transactions in the securities markets, including FX, or carried out on the territory of the islands, is subject to licensing in accordance with all local adjustments. The country’s regulator, which monitors the implementation of this adjustment, is the FSA.

What is Seychelles license?

Seychelles Forex trading license gives the business-company the right to trade.

How much does a Seychelles license cost?

The government fee is only $500 to $3,000. However, it is worth considering the costs of enrolling a business-company, opening a bank account, and opening an office. The value of achieving a permit is $48,000.

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