Cryptolicense in Kazakhstan

June 16, 2023
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In Kazakhstan, the formulation of rules for computerized money trades is still in progress. Nevertheless, the National Bank of Kazakhstan provided instructions regarding the issue of crypto license in Kazakhstan.

Key highlights

In May 2022, the NBRK, ARDFM, AIFC, and MDDIAI introduced trial rules permitting cryptocurrency exchange in Kazakhstan under specific limitations. Trades are needed to acquire a permission, while banks must affirm their commitment to partake in the experimental initiative. The legal framework was formulated to adhere to global standards, giving effective oversight of transactions and safeguarding customer accounts. The objective is to uphold openness and accountability in the trade against fiscal illicit activities. By enforcing enrollment, government establishes a protected environment for the trade of computerized currencies.

Getting authorization

The AFSA grants three types of permissions: Regulated actions, Market Actions, and Ancillary actions. These permissions determine the permitted type and extent of fiscal actions made by a firm. In our case, Kazakhstan cryptocurrency exchange license fall under the category of Market Actions.

The authorization process assists the AFSA in identifying and preventing serious misconduct or harm, ensuring compliance with threshold conditions for firms and individuals.

During this stage, the applicant submits the necessary appeal forms and supporting papers listed. The AFSA evaluates the appeal and provides preliminary feedback.

The purpose of this stage is to get preliminary approval for the Kazakhstan crypto exchange license eligibility. To streamline the process and save resources for all parties involved, the AFSA reviews all applicant documentation for compliance with AIFC requirements before initiating the licensing process. If there are any remarks or comments on the applicant’s documentation, the AFSA allows time for addressing the inconsistencies and resubmitting the papers.

Upon successful appeal, the AFSA notifies the applicant of the application’s status and issues a letter of In-Principal Approval.

Firm enrollment

To apply for enrollment of a Crypto License in Kazakhstan 2023, the candidate must give the following data:

  • Appeal for reserving a legal name – accompanied by the prescribed fee stated in the AIFC Legal Acts periodically.
  • Articles of Association – one of the company’s fundamental documents that outlines its fundamental management, administrative structure, and corporate governance.
  • Registered office address – physical location to which all communications and notices may be directed.
  • Authorized signatory – an individual authorized to act on behalf of the lawful entity in operational matters. This authority may be granted through a resolution or power of attorney, and a copy of the authorization must be submitted to the Registrar of Companies along with the application for legal entity enrollment.
  • Directors – the initial directors of the firm, elected by the Incorporators. A private company must have at least one director.
  • Firm Secretary – an officer appointed by the directors of the firm, responsible for guaranteeing conformity with the company’s corporate administration rules.
  • Beneficial Owner – in the case of a body corporate shareholder/partner, details of the beneficial owner holding more than 25% of shares/ownership must be provided.
  • Resolution – the registration application must be accompanied by a copy of the resolution signed by each shareholder/partner of the proposed lawful entity.
  • Anti- Fraud – completion of questionnaires related to the Anti- Fraud section.

A fee of USD 300 must be paid to register a lawful entity with the AIFC. Upon verification of the submitted documents, the candidate receives a Certificate of Registration.

Getting a permit

After reviewing all comments, making necessary adjustments, and receiving the Certificate of Registration and In-Principal Approval, the candidate submits the complete set of papers. Based on this issue, the final decision on issuing the agreement is made. Once the permission is obtained, the applicant has the right to perform their actions.


In conclusion, the procedure for enrollment and establishing a computerized currency company involves several important stages. From obtaining authorization and in-principal approval to registering the legal entity and acquiring the necessary agreement, each step plays a crucial role in proving compliance with rules and allowing the firm to work. Through careful submission of documentation, adherence to AIFC requirements, and payment of applicable fees, applicants can navigate the enrollment procedure successfully. Ultimately, the goal is to provide a secure and regulated atmosphere for virtual currencies firms to thrive and contribute to the fiscal actions field.

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