Dare license in the Bahamas

The Securities Commission of The Bahamas (the SCB) posted the DARE Act in 2019 to regulate the distribution and production of digital tokens and the behaviour of those who issue digital coins and those who offer intermediate services linked to their issuance.

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The legislation

Digital assets are described in the DARE Act as a virtual form of value disseminated via a Distributed Ledger Technology Platform in which value is integrated or in which there is a legal contract for using it.

The law also includes the following services:

  • exchange of digital tokens,
  • support of initial coin offerings,
  • e-wallet services,
  • services for the safekeeping of cryptocurrency assets.

The Act controls cryptocurrency licenses and business in the Bahamas. It is the issue or selling of digital tokens in the Bahamas as well as the conduct of dealers and service providers. The proposed laws lay the groundwork for regulation by defining certain categories of cryptos enterprises and setting forth a framework for token issuances.

Creating a Crypto license in the Bahamas in 2022

Any legal entity wishing to be in the crypto business in the Bahamas is required to sign up for the next Act’s conditions. The registering application is obligated to be submitted in the required format, specify the sort of digital asset company to be run, and be supported by the needed paperwork and charges as outlined in the Act. The following payments must be paid to register a firm using digital assets:

  • Digital Assets Business with an application fee of $3,000 and an annual fee of $10,000,
  • Chief Executive Officer – $350 and $500,
  • Compliance Officer – $350 and $500.

Digital Assets as a Second Business

A person that is a marketplace or a trading firm may conduct a digital assets trade as an additional activity and must provide written notice to the SCB of a change of information. A person licensed as an investment fund administrator under the Investments Funds Act or licensed as a monetary or corporation provider of e-services under the Financial Corporate Service Providers Act may apply under the Act to make digital assets enterprises legal.

Exchange of tokens under licenses for cryptocurrencies in the Bahamas

Any legal organization that wants to give services to customers as a digital token exchange must first register as a digital asset company before applying for the process to set up and run a digital token exchange. The signup request has to be raised in the demanded format and include the required fees and supporting documentation.

Additionally, applicants must provide the SCB with proof of the following:

  • possesses enough capacity and resources;
  • has enough suitable strategies and powers to carry out its tasks and limit its risks;
  • has created a structure for digital assets that tackles issues such as information technology and security, governance, scalability, recognized risk framework, and information security and storing, as well as the capacity to fulfill solvency norms and amounts of capital as may be required by legislation.

Initial Coin Offering Registration

A fit and appropriate issuer must submit a registration request for the initial token offering at least 45 days before the commencement of the offer period, which cannot last more than six months. The offering memorandum, the request for enrollment in the specified format, a documented legal opinion for the categorization of the tokens, and a filing charge of $6,000 are required.

The offering memorandum must be available for download by potential buyers throughout the offer time as well as for at least 15 days after the offer period has ended. It must also include the information listed in the Second Schedule of the Act. The issuer is subject to continuous disclosure obligations underneath the Act about the offering.

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