License for the Czech Republic SPI

A Small Payment Institution in the Czech Republic is a company that can offer certain payment services while adhering to restrictions on the monthly amount of transactions. Nowadays the fintech sector is one of the fast-growing, so spi for sale in the Czech Republic is the best decision for businessmen who are interested in starting a commercial activity in Europe.


The Czech Republic updated its laws governing the operations of payment systems at the beginning of 2018. In addition to the current national laws and European regulations that the nation applies as an EU member, Directive 370/2017 included new requirements for digital money issuers and operators.

The spi in the Czech Republic, organizations providing electronic money, and non-resident suppliers should all adhere to the standard. If not, neither the National Bank of the Czech Republic, the primary regulator, nor a license for digital money will be granted or revoked. The key adjustments concern how commerce is conducted; at least some of it ought to be done domestically. However, issuers and providers are now subject to additional rules. The particular criteria are determined by the type of license.

License Categories

E-money institutions must get separate permissions, according to Czech legislation. Legal entities that have been permitted to issue electronic funds and/or make payments using their involvement and funds in the conventional form are provided with the EMI license. If the organization is given permission, it may:

  • receive them as payments;
  • amass them;
  • split them into portions for various uses;
  • convert them into other currencies;
  • sell them by moving the cash obtained in traditional forms to bank accounts;
  • store them;
  • and so on.

Digital currency may be stored in a virtual or real form on servers and smart cards. Legal businesses with fully operating “physical” offices in the nation, as well as representative offices of organizations with EU locations, are eligible to apply for licenses from the Czech Republic to issue and use e-money. A full e-money institution permit is issued in the first instance, whereas a part SEMI license is issued in the second. After obtaining a complete license, a corporation is free to conduct business in any European nation with the simple notification of that nation’s chief regulatory body. So, to buy a spi company in the Czech Republic is not so difficult.

Conditions for License Holders

The application process for a digital money license is conducted by Republic regulations while considering the PSD2 Directive’s criteria. As a result, only legal entities with an office in the Czech Republic that are registered as commercial companies are granted permission. A complete license requires issuers of electronic funds to have capital of at least โ‚ฌ350,000. Also, it is needed for the spi licensed company in the Czech Republic:

  • the delivery of a set of legal company paperwork as well as a thorough three-year plan;
  • show that the directorate is competent, management must have extensive expertise in the e-money sector;
  • take security precautions to safeguard client funds and personal information including following the GDPR if data from EU citizens is utilized;
  • offer descriptions of the technological methods ensuring system operation;
  • provide descriptions of the policies and instructions to prevent illegal money laundering

Finance Assistance

The Czech Treasury Department has become more meticulous than normal in verifying papers for conformity with AML rules, particularly if the provider engages in cryptocurrency, as a result of amendments to the law. For something to be licensed and worked successfully in the country, expert assistance is required.

The registration and commissioning of a spi in the Czech Republic for sale funds are areas in which our professionals are well-skilled. We will handle the organizational aspects of licensing, create the best tax model, draft the appropriate rules, and assist you in adhering to all Czech Republic and EU regulations.

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