Establishment and benefits of EMI license in Lithuania

E-money is digital representation of cash. They can be used to carry out payments with or without a bank account. A big advantage is non-cash payment system allowing you to quickly and easily make transfers of any size. These assets are designed for making it easier for users to complete electronic deals. E-money value is supported by fiat means. ELI Deal service specialists will help you find an EMI license for sale that offers favorable and loyal conditions for running your business. Among the many offers that are constantly updated with new ones, you can find the most profitable and most suitable for you. In addition, the ELI Deal team will accompany you at all stages of transaction and give advice on any issue.

Several years ago, Lithuania became the main European jurisdiction issued the most licenses to electronic funds establishments. Thus, if you want to open your own commercial structure connected with circulation of digital currency, then purchasing a ready EMI license for sale in Lithuania will be the most profitable option for you in terms of jurisdictional conditions and market stability.

Lithuania as main jurisdiction for issuing licenses to electronic money institutions

  1. There are no big demands for company owners and managers regarding residence in Lithuania/Europe.
  2. Convenient procedure of obtaining an EMI license.
  3. Documents can be formulated in English.
  4. There is an option to open individual BAN accounts.
  5. Quick access to SEPA.
  6. Ability to secure clients’ money through Central Lithuanian Bank.
  7. PSD2 realization that enables the use of PIS and Customer Record Service.
  8. New “know your customer” processes for remote client checking make it possible to create invoices without having to locate the customer at the facility.
  9. Services throughout the EU/EEA without the need for extra licenses.
  10. Starting visa. Special visas for citizens of states that are not part of the EU/EEA, but are conducting their new business in Lithuania.

Services of EMI license

Of you decide to buy an EMI license in Lithuania, it will be the right choice for payment service providers who plan to propose a more detailed list of services.

  • Digital cash emission.
  • Payment services.
  • Loans provision subject to fulfillment of following points: loan is provided solely for purpose of payments; loans issued in connection with the execution of a payment transaction must be returned within a year; one should not hold loans for the purpose of payments.
  • Additional services connected with E-money.

ELI Deal service presents various EMI licenses for sale in Lithuania and helps to make purchasing process as simple and quick as possible. ELI Deal representatives will get you through preparing documents and business registration procedures, provide extensive advice on compliance with relevant normative demands and other questions you may have.

If you are interested in buying ready EMI license, please see our offers listed below: