Buying Mobile Apps: Is It Worth to Use Premium Versions?

Do you want to know if you need to buy the premium version of the application? We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the list of recommendations that will help you make the right choice. There are a lot of mobile apps for sale and the most important aspect here is not to fail.

It is often difficult to decide whether to invest your own money in a pro version of an application. The demo version of mobile apps can actually be good, but sometimes in the full version you can get rid of ads or get a lot of features and tools for quite a bit of money. The decision to buy add-ons depends on the application and directly from the person. Before you buy the professional version, you should think carefully about some of the nuances. Let’s consider them in more detail.

Explore the List of Application Benefits

If you need to buy an app, you should think about additional features. When viewing the Lite or Pro version of mobile apps, you need to find the list of improvements in the description. If the app costs less than a dollar, why not buy the full version, even if the only advantage is the absence of annoying ads. In fact, this is a magical cost for many applications. If the pro version is more expensive but opens up a whole host of possibilities for you, this is also an important reason to buy it – if you need these additional features. Among the advantages of premium versions of applications, the following points can be highlighted with confidence:

  • lack of advertising, which can be so annoying;
  • access to exclusive content;
  • the presence of additional useful options that are not available in the free version;
  • accelerated data processing;
  • improved user interface;
  • an extended range of application settings, which also affects the usability, and much more.

Each app offers individual benefits for the premium versions, so you should research them ahead of time.

How Helpful Can User Feedbacks Be?

Reviews should be treated as dignity, not spam and trolls. Alas, this does not always work out this way; therefore, first of all, it is necessary to be guided by common sense when making decisions in these matters. Some users may not be aware of the application’s capabilities at all, while others will have phones on which the functions are not supported. Naturally, both will leave complaints in product reviews.

When you’re already familiar with the creator’s description of the merits of the application, think about which reviews are better to skip and which ones are worth paying attention to. You can also check other premium versions of mobile apps for sale that were created by this developer. This will make it possible to check how comfortable conditions the creator offers in general for its users. If you care about the opinion of other people about the app, then find out what other netizens say about the app you need. There is a chance to find reviews from people who make money through technology reviews (for example, individual employees of CNET). They often talk about apps that need to be paid for, especially if it’s a good or a very bad purchase.

Nevertheless, it is also recommended to check what other blogs and regular users have to say about the app. In general, it is no secret that when viewing applications, you can find similar ones or be upset that they did not surprise you. Because of this, reviewers are sometimes more critical of the pros and cons.

App Checking after Buying

This is probably the easiest option, but with certain nuances. For those who use Android phones: Google Play (formerly Android Market) has long reduced the return period for paid apps to 15 minutes. Therefore, if you are sure that you can buy an app, use it for about 12-13 minutes, and then decide whether to keep it, try it!

However, do not forget that separate applications are necessary for situational use (for example, a reliable Twitter client that notifies the user about updates/mentions), and in this situation 12-13 minutes will not help at all to understand whether the application is useful. In addition, applications that need to be paid for, in conjunction with PCs or Mac equivalents that need to be customized, can consume the entire time of the refund period. For iOS, you need to request a check-in in the App Store, and try to resolve the issue yourself. In general, such shenanigans are best done for decks, widgets, and other applications that can be quickly checked out.

Assistance of Friends and Social Networks for Purchasing of Apps

If there is something that Internet users and friends are constantly willing to share, it is nothing but their own opinion. Ask everyone why they bought an updated version of the app you want. Most likely, you will not have enough answer from only a couple of acquaintances, but this will be the starting point for subsequent conclusions.

Before deciding to buy the app, you can also find out the opinions of people from Facebook and Twitter. Often, friends on Facebook are users whom you really know or with whom you work or communicate well on the Internet, so many can be trusted in such matters. Twitter may be of less help in this regard. Not everyone who views your profile is familiar to you, but most of the reviews will be very helpful.

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