Gaming license in Portugal

May 27, 2024

The gaming industry in Portugal has seen substantial growth, prompting both local entrepreneurs and global investors to explore opportunities in this lucrative market. Understanding the legal framework for obtaining a gaming license in Portugal is essential for those interested in documenting this sector. This comprehensive guide covers the essentials of the gaming-license process, the associated taxes, and comparisons with other countries.

1. Overview of the Game Industry in Portugal

Portugal’s gamble field includes few forms of gamble, such as casinos, sports betting, and online gambling business for sale. The liberalization of the gaming laws in recent years has opened up the market to multinational players, making country an attractive destination for gamble businesses.

Key Points:

  • Development: The Portuguese gaming industry has expanded rapidly, thanks in part to technological advancements and regulatory changes.
  • Regulatory Body: The Serviço de Regulação e Inspeção de Jogos (SRIJ) is the main rules body overseeing gambling activities in Portugal.

2. Lawful Substructure for Gaming in Portugal

The Portuguese lawful framework for gamble is structured to ensure fair play, prevent fraud, and protect both agents and consumers. The process for obtaining a gaming-license in Portugal is rigorous, designed to comply with both national and European Union norms.

Portugal Gambling Regulation:

  • Law-of-Gambling: Rules and laws covering the few aspects of lawful gambling, including online-and-offline formats.
  • Compliance Requirements: Operators must meet stringent requirements, including financial stability, business integrity, and technical capabilities.

3. Steps to Obtain a Gaming License

Obtaining a Portugal online-gaming license involves few critical steps. Each step requires careful planning and observation with the rules set by the SRIJ.

Detailed Steps:

  • Pre-application: Potential agents must perform specific research and prepare all essential papers.
  • Submission of Application: The application must include business plans, financial records, and proof of submissionwith game regulations.
  • Review Process: The SRIJ reviews the application to ensure all criteria are met.
  • Distribution of Approval: If the application is approved, the SRIJ issues the gaming-license.

4. Costs and Financial Implications

The cost of obtaining and maintaining a gaming-license in a country can vary significantly based on the type of game operation. These costs include licensing fees, taxes, and ongoing compliance expenses.

Cost Breakdown:

  • Initial Licensing Fees: These fees are payable to the SRIJ upon the issuance of the license.
  • Annual Fees: Regular payments are required to maintain the license.
  • Observation Costs: Operators must also budget for compliance-related expenditures, such as audits and technology updates.

5. Gamble Taxes in Portugal

Taxation in the Portuguese game sector is structured to balance the government’s need for revenue with the industry’s ability to remain competitive globally.

Tax Rates:

  • Sports Betting: Tax rates for sports betting vary based on the betting turnover.
  • Casino-Games: Taxes for casino operations are based on the gross-game revenue.

6. Challenges and Opportunities

While the Portuguese gaming-market offers significant opportunities, it also presents challenges that potential operators must navigate.


  • Regulatory Hurdles: The strict regulatory environment can be a barrier to entry for new markets.
  • Competition: The increasing number of operators in the market creates a highly competitive environment.


  • Market Growth: The expanding Portuguese gaming field presents numerous prospects for growth and investment.
  • Technological Innovation: Agents who leverage new technologies can gain a competitive edge.

7. Comparison with Other Countries

Portugal’s gaming licensing process is rigorous compared to some countries but more streamlined than others. This balance makes Portugal an attractive option for many international operators.

Comparative Analysis:

  • Ease of Doing Business: Portugal offers a more straightforward licensing process than some neighboring countries.
  • Regulatory Environment: Compared to jurisdictions with less stringent rules, Portugal provides a stable and transparent system of rules.


The gaming-industry in the country offers vibrant prospects for operators, given its robust rules system and growing market. By understanding the legal and operational needs, corporations can strategically arrange themselves for success in this dynamic industry.

How to Get an Online-Casino Permit from Portugal?

To get an online-gambling business for sale, interested parties must engage with the Serviço de Regulação e Inspeção de Jogos, the regulatory body accountable for the oversight of gamble activities in the country. The process begins with a comprehensive application that includes detailed business plans, evidence of financial stability, a robust operational model, and technological capabilities to support gaming activities. Applicants must also demonstrate adherence to lawful and regulatory requirements concerning player protection and anti-money laundering practices. After submission, the SRIJ conducts a thorough review of all papers. If the application meets all critical criteria, a permit is granted, allowing the operator to legally conduct online-casino activities within the country.

What is the game tax in Portugal?

Gamble tax in Portugal is structured according to the type of game activity being conducted. For sports betting, the tax is calculated based on the turnover, which can range from 8% to 16% depending on whether bets are placed on fixed odds or mutual betting systems. For online-casinos and gaming machines, the tax rate is based on the gross gaming revenue (GGR), which can vary from 15% to 30%. These rates are designed to ensure a fair contribution from gaming agents to public revenues while maintaining the industry’s competitiveness in the transnational market.

What is the easiest country to get a gaming-license?

The ease of obtaining a gaming-license few widely across different jurisdictions, with some countries offering more streamlined methods than others. Curacao is frequently cited as one of the easiest places to obtain a gaming-license due to its relatively low costs, minimal regulatory requirements, and quick approval process. It’s a popular choice for start-ups and businesses looking to operate in multiple countries. However, agents must still ensure they comply with applicable rules and rules in other jurisdictions where they intend to offer their services.

Is online-gambling legal in Portugal?

Yes, online-gambling is permitted in the country. The country has designated a demand for online gambling in Portugal benefits, which includes sports betting, casino-games, and poker. Agents wishing to offer these services must receive a license from the SRIJ. This regulatory structure ensures that all online-gambling activities are conducted in a fair, transparent, and responsible manner, with strong safeguards for consumer conservation and prevention of gambling-related harm.

Are game winnings taxed in Portugal?

In Portugal, gamble winnings from games of chance are not subject to personal income tax if they are obtained from licensed agents within Portugal. However, agents themselves are subject to substantial taxes on their gross gaming revenue, as discussed earlier. It’s important for players to note that if winnings are obtained from unlicensed agents or from international sources, they may be subject to different tax implications, and it is recommendable to consult with a tax professional or legal advisor to understand the specific obligations that might apply.

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Gaming license in Portugal

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