PSP Licensed Firm in Dominica: Features of Permission and Structure

Payment Service Organizations (PSPs) appear in financial market and operate under appropriate normative Act. These companies are legal entities. They are entitled making payments according to their registration and licensing. The main task of payment company is to become financial intermediary to help in the implementation of customer transactions. PSP licensed firm in Dominica – a way to get great stable profit. This is a kind of channel for the movement of money that does not belong directly to the payment company.

A payment company can become an organizer: collect utility bills and further distribute money between companies that provide utility services, accept payments for third parties (for example, an online store or mobile operators). They can also offer to make money transfers between financial structures in different areas at the expense of personal funds.

  1. Payment by electronic means for any services or products.
  2. Accumulation of funds from the mass of small payments.
  3. The division of large sums and the use of parts for different purposes.
  4. Currency exchange of electronic funds.
  5. Long-term storage of funds.
  6. Mutual settlements with suppliers who are the company’s clients.
  7. Exchange of E-money for real cash to your bank account.

Organization provided: PSP licensed firm in Dominica for sale

The company is located in the Jurisdiction of the Caribbean, Dominica. The mediator grants permission for unlimited intermediation of Fintec Special internationally. Perfect for ICO or other E-money management.

Proposal includes the following items.

  • Authorization that lasted more than 2 years.
  • Fully regulated and net balance sheet without obligation and in great shape.
  • Small capital.

Also check out the additional features.

  1. The company has the right to be an intermediary (ICO, digital payments, payments, storage of valuables, etc.).
  2. A good offer for fintech companies that are associated with cryptographic currency markets or other intermediary activities in digital assets field.
  3. Fast company transmitting process, only 7 days.
  4. Customer number for providing data on AML/CFT, for registration in former Soviet Union.
  5. The license makes it possible to make payments to third parties without any restrictions.
  6. MSB Special Permit for Intermediary Services, renewable annually.

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